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Advices and Queries number 30 asks “Are you able to contemplate your death?”. Many of us have difficulty in doing so, but some have found it helpful to think about about how their funeral might be conducted. Making such wishes known is also a great help to grieving relatives.

On 1st September 2013 Cheltenham Local Meeting approved a revised Funeral Wishes form. The existing form was out-of-date and not very user friendly. The new form is based on the suggested template in the 2012 revised edition of the Quaker book Funeral and Memorial Meetings.

Everyone is encouraged to complete this form, and Funeral Friends are happy to advise, assist and support Friends in this exercise. Friends who have already completed the old form do not need to complete this revised form, although they may want to use this as an opportunity to review and update their funeral wishes.

Current Funeral Friends are: Ruth Baker, Dorothy Carson, Rowland Carson, Nina Odescalchi and Margaret Sheldrick.

Depending on how you have set your web browser and PDF reader preferences, clicking on the link below should either display the file (and you will then have to save it or print it), or download it immediately to your own machine for printing later. Some browsers allow this choice through a pop-up menu, accessed using click-and-hold, right-click, or control-click. If you don’t already have the appropriate software for reading PDF files, you can download a free copy from the Adobe website.

Once you have downloaded the form please print it out and fill it in, then pass a copy to any Funeral Friend.

Cheltenham Quaker Funeral Wishes form (PDF)

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